Style on A Budget

These shoes are very similar to the shoes
 worn by Kendall in this picture. From top shop and $25

Yes many of the high fashion clothes are very pricey.  But don't worry you can have a style that's on a budget.  What this means is everything your wearing and buying is affordable and cute.  This isn't that difficult to do, plus you can do it with mostly any clothing.  Fake the name, or own up to your magnificent bargain.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have recently become
 one of the my style icons she
 really does know how to make an everyday
 look be something fabulous

Monki Rosie singlet
This top is from monki and is $11
Mango Super slim-fit Paty jeans
I thought these pants were very much
 like Kendall`s but only $42
 you can get these Mango jeans a
JcPenney and Target
Together Kendall look probably cost lots of money, while the look put together above, is almost identical and only $78.  This is a bargain.


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