Flea market/shopping trip


This past week I went to elephants trunk flea market. I also went shopping at brandy Melville and lf. While at the flea market I was able to pick up and cute pit holder that's pictured below, as well as a vintage sweater(not pictured) for $1. 

The next day I was able to go shopping at brandy Melville. While there I picked up a cropped black ribbed sweater with white trimming(pictured), as well as a mesh shirt,loose stripped shirt, and navy with red trimming halter. I'm in love with halter a lately and cannot wait to wear this, even though summer is coming to an end. 

Soon after that my mom and I decided to visit lf. Lf isn't exactly the most affordable store but there clothes are beyond cute. While there I picked up two pairs of transparent socks. I've wanted transparent socks for quite sometime and cannot wait to wear them with my penny loafer,chunks,and supergas. 

The last place I visited was a candy store, I was able to pick up some gummies(unfortunately I are most of them). I also was able to pick up a book, which I'm glad to say I've already finished and loved it. Till next time


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