Cape Cod 2014

This past week I was at the wonderful Cape Cod.  Although the weather was not as great as I would've liked it to be, we(my family and I)  were still able to do lots of activities.  The first day that we official were at the Cape we went to Nantucket, and that is an island.  While in Nantucket we went to the whaling museum and learned lots about the Essex and then went to the second oldest lighthouse.  

This is the outfit that I wore to Nantucket(also pictured with my lovely mother).
Shirt-Micheal Kors
Shorts-high waisted Hollister shorts
shoes-(don't remember)
hat-from a shop in Nantucket

 The few days after that we went to the bay side.  Although many of the days were not exactly beach days we all decided to bike around and visit beaches.  As pictured above my father and I were able to find a one clawed crab and a horse shoe crab( both alive).  Both pictures taken before I was pinched by a crab that  had decided to pick up.

 The few sunny days that we had, we were able to go to the beach( and get some color).  As well as go to the beach my family and I went on a beach combing, which included spotting many seals.  And also going on a dune tour, which are closed to the public and were remarkably beautiful.
While there we gained lots of weight featuring these donuts, and all the other unlisted
things that we consumed during this trip.  I was unable to get a picture while thrifting but I found lots of amazing things, including a faux leather jacket, and an Asian shirt.  

Till next time Alyssa xox


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