Hello, recently I've been up to almost nothing, which actually happens a lot.  But I thought I`d share a few interesting things.  This week at school is spirit week, and for those who don't know what that is, its a week where there are themes for each day and everyone dresses in those themes. I didn't take a picture of my outfit each day but I did take a picture for costume day.  For costume day my entire field hockey team decided to dress as...
 You guessed orphan.

Strangely that same day a couple of my friends and I decided to go
to some place in our town
 called the taco truck ( I know original).  
Also strangely I had been talking
 about wanting to try a fish taco that same day before
 I heard we were going tot he taco truck, and that same day
 I got to try a fish taco and it was delicious.
That weekend I was able to get my hands on these shoes.  Sam Edelman slip-ons.  I had been eyeing them for quite some time but wasn't willing to pay $110 for them but when  I saw could get them for $32 I immediately dd it and I am so thankful I did, and I have already worn them so many times.

In the very same weekend it was Halloween.  Halloween for me has always been about trick or treating for candy haha.  
But this year I went to a party, honestly not that great.  
But it was fun to spend it with some great people. in this picture I'm suppose to be tom cruise from risky business(didn't work out very well).

That next day me and my mom went out for sushi at our favorite place.  We got our favorite sushi roll `Godzilla` which is the one with the orange crunchies on it.  And we tried a new roll out `rock n` roll` and we enjoyed it very much.  
Till next time Alyssa xox


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