I`m back

Long time no talk.  But I'm back, over the past month I have been on a furious voyage.  I have been enjoying my lovely days at school(totally kidding), practice, and my every day life.  I recently went to my grandfathers wedding and the dress I wore was so pretty.  I was able to get it while thrifting at a fraction of the original price.
This is a picture of me and my brother from the wedding. You cant see the dress all that 
well but it was simple and elegant.

A few days after the wedding my family decided on going for a hike, and then going to one of my favorite places to eat.  These pictures pretty much describe what we did there(eat and eat)

After we ate a full feast we went apple picking, usually my family decided witch apples to pick but this we wandered randomly around the apple orchid picking apples. So now we are left many random apples(awesome).

Also in that same weekend (yes a very busy weekend) me and my mom headed to the city.  In NYC we went to many thrift shops only finding success at one. While walking from thrift store to thrift store we stumbled upon a flea market and it was great.  

After walking around the city for quite some time, my mom and I stumbled upon this doughnut shop.  I was so excited to eat the dough nuts here and yes they were delicious.  My mom and I shared a blueberry and chocolate doughnut.
Until next time Alyssa xo


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